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This mid-sized software company wanted both to increase sales to its installed base and to attract new customers with a series of new products.


A large competitor serving a significant percentage of the market with its own proprietary solutions was firmly entrenched and gaining market share.


The challenge was to understand more precisely the range of customers' specific requirements, and the perceived advantages and disadvantages of buying from the two different vendors. Our research determined that our client's solution was perceived to be a better fit by 65% of the market. The key to success was repositioning our client's product and equipping the sales force with improved tools to emphasize the relevant differentiators.

We delivered a new sales presentation supporting an improved selling process, scenario-based demos customized for 3 vertical markets, and use cases that demonstrated the key advantages to customers in solving their specific business problems.


As a result, the client increased its win rate over the competitor by a factor of 3, increasing revenues by 23%.