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A startup company with a virtualization solution was generating strong interest and demand for its products. To capture its market potential, the company needed new messaging, sales training, and replicable processes for revenue generation.


Because of the highly technical nature of the solution, only the company's two founders were able to successfully position and sell the company's products.


Market Builders first conducted market research to determine customer needs and appropriate positioning and messaging. Next, we developed a new sales presentation that more effectively engaged prospects in an open dialog and communicated the value proposition without immediate drill-down into the underlying technology.

Lastly, we created processes for prospect qualification, initial sales presentations for the core sales team, follow-on technical presentations for the SEs, and next steps for client engagement.


As a result, the client was able to build a professional sales team with pre-sales, account representatives, and systems engineers to manage each stage of the process.

This generated a healthy sales funnel of over 50 accounts within 6 months, increased the average selling price by 42%, and won $5.5M in new business the first year.