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This client was a small software company that had experienced rapid initial growth, but had reached a plateau at $2 million. To meet their investors' expectations, the objective was to increase sales by 40% per quarter in the coming year with a series of aggressive marketing programs.


Sales was identifying and qualifying new prospects every week, but after the initial call and a product demo, these prospects were dropping off the radar for no clear reason.


Market Builders worked with the sales team, the existing customers, and a number of prospects to build a series of market- and title-specific messages that generated market awareness, educated the prospects, and communicated specific customer success scenarios.

We delivered these messages in a series of telemarketing, telesales and email campaigns over the course of eight weeks.


As a result of better messaging and improved sales/marketing processes, Market Builders increased the sales funnel by over 200%, increased close ratios by over 75%, and helped the client exceed its 40% quarter-by-quarter revenue growth objectives for the first year.

We created replicable best practices that the company still uses today to continue its growth path.